My First Report [Midweek 1]

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My First Report [Midweek 1]

Q: How did it go?

I feel like the first part of the week went pretty smoothly! I usually find mandatory blogging boring and pointless, but I am actually finding that it is helping me remember to do my assignments. So far, I have completed all of the assignments for week 1. The main source of hardship was with the daily creates. They were fun to do, but my first one took me way longer than I had originally anticipated, take a look:

If I had to do something differently, I probably would have introduced myself differently in the multimodal introduction assignment. I feel like some people might be confused by what was going on if they didn’t read my blog post. I think my work for this week was basic enough to not have any overarching issues, although I will continue to progress and improve throughout the semester.


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