My Final Report

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My Final Report

Week 5 Report

Before I get started with my story that I made, I want to say that this experience was not what I expected. I was so nervous that this class would take too much time and effort, and that I would simply fall behind throughout the entire process. That was NOT the case. Not only was the course load manageable with some effort, but it was actually really enjoyable. The projects didn’t feel time consuming, and the daily creates were no trouble at all as long as I put in effort. Great class, I wish that I hadn’t put it off until my last class of my undergraduate journey.

What was the most exciting project?

The most interesting and exciting assignment by far was the final project. I was able to showcase all that I learned from the class into one final product. It was also fun to go my own way and create my own narrative. Other projects that I completed were sort of dictated or had a specific purpose, but this one gave me the freedom to create my own experience for the class.

What did I learn?

I learned so much from this class, like I said; I wish I had taken this class a long time ago to help hone my skills as a digital storyteller. I figured out how to make a GIF using GIPHY, and I become good enough at it to make a tutorial for others to follow on my website! I learned the strategies for photography. I figured out: if you take your time with photos, instead of doing quick bursts, it will produce far better results.

I also learned about visual design and videography. These lessons have helped me with my professional career, and have overall been invaluable. The video making assignments from the assignment bank really helped hone new skills that I never needed for my job, making me a better editor.

Overall, I learned that taking my time on work, doing research, and using new or different strategies and apps, makes my work better. The diversification of my work over the five week period of this class has been astounding. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities this class has afforded me.

What would I have done differently if given the chance?

The only project I would have done differently for this class is the photo safari. I had so much fun doing it, but I kept experiencing technical difficulties on my end. I think it could have turned out so much better if I had given more time to complete the assignment.

One aspect of the class that I wish I could have done differently is using more of the systems like Audacity and going out of my comfort zone a little more (in the beginning).

One overall strategy I would deploy if I could do the entire class over is have better time management. I found that I was consistently (until week 4) doing assignments at the last second due to errors on my part and simply not being careful enough. My advice to any future students is to schedule out assignments over the entire week (evenly). I think my work would have been far better if I followed this advice, and you can see that week 4’s material was far superior to any other week…at least in my opinion 🙂

Everything else in the class was amazing (as I said in the beginning), I had so much fun and if any prospective students are reading this blog post in the future: I highly recommend taking this class as soon as you are able, it is a great stepping stone to online learning and digital creativity.


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