Vignelli Canon Reaction

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Vignelli Canon Reaction

Vignelli Canon Reaction

This week I reviewed The Vignelli Canon by, Massimo Vignelli. This was an interestingly short read, with so much information. With modern standards for creating content, it is almost impossible for real beauty to come from it. Back in the days of the renaissance, painters and artists would have years in between their great works, but modern artists are expected to make things in days, hours, minutes, and sometimes even seconds. Vignelli would have argued that art takes time, and that people need to be more patient so that there can be better, long lasting art that can transcend the test of time.

Vignelli was a famous creator who was known for many things, some of which are the American Airlines logo and a co-founder of design firm Unimark International in 1964. Throughout his life he created many great works that are still found around the world today.

It is clear that anyone who reads this might change their perspective on putting out content. Someone who follows the advice of Vignelli might make content less often, with a much higher quality of work. In truth, the big debate of quality v. quantity ends with this short article. It seems obvious now that people should simply wait, and perfect whatever it is they do. Whether it be music, video, design, or anything in between, waiting and having a better quality of work will distinguish the good from the great.

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