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Moon Graffiti


First, before I get started, I found that the way the podcast used sound effects to add to the story made it so much more realistic. I found myself trying to write notes while I listened, but kept looking away from my notes and simply staring at the screen, waiting to see what happened next. The sounds and storytelling style kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire twenty minute broadcast. I stopped the track around the eight minute mark to write down this little paragraph. Let’s get started!

The way the voices sounded throughout the story, made me question whether or not this actually happened. The distortions that are placed throughout the audio make it sound like it was old and original. The sound effects in the beginning did not need to explain themselves, there was clearly a problem. The calm yet frantic voices solidified the effect that the background noise had on the story.

The lack of noise also helped me as a listener think that they were in a different place. I can only imagine, when you are on the moon, all you can hear is the hum of the radio from your helmet. The fact that for most of the story, all you can hear is them talking about what is going on with little sound effects, makes it more realistic to me, the listener.

The mood starts out exciting in the beginning, because you are thinking its something you’ve heard before; Astronauts landing on the moon. The mood shifts dramatically when you hear “Nixon” giving the speech that talks about Neil and Buzz dying on their mission to the moon. And the tone becomes extremely somber during the last part, when they talk about dying, and God finding them on the moon.

This was an amazing story, I actually listened to a couple of the other “Truth” podcasts after this one. Check them out here!

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  1. Hi! I’m glad you pointed out trying to take notes during this, I found myself having the same problem. The story completely drew me in and I kept forgetting to take notes so I would have to scramble to write things down. Good job!

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