Getting Started

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Getting Started

After taking a look at the website for this course along with the disclaimer on the first day, I was intimidated at first. When I got to take a look at the first things to do, I felt some relief. I have created a couple other websites in the past, for some other classes. If you feel like taking a look at some of them, I will make a couple of them available below!

I also took way too long to explore the available themes for WordPress, probably about two hours to find one that I would like. This is probably the most versatile theme I have used in any website, and I will probably migrate my other websites later (when classes end). I also installed all of the recommended plug-ins from the course website, some of them were pre-installed because of my preferences on my control panel.

A tip for people if you want to use a picture for your avatar, and can’t get Gravitar to work (like me), take a look at this video. Works really well, super easy.

Found at

That’s all I got for now…stay tuned for my multimodal introductions tomorrow morning! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments section. If you have any ideas to make my website better, please let me know!


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