The Story of Anthony

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The Story of Anthony

The Fire Fighter

Anthony, Tony for short, is in his final semester at state college in Virginia. During the last many semesters, the world has been shaken by global pandemic; never before seen in modern history. Tony’s degree in English will likely open many doors for him in the future. However, when Anthony was moving out of his dorm room for the final time, he saw a poster for a virtual job fair for public service careers. He decided that he should provide himself an opportunity to expand his horizons, and took a picture of the flyer so he could set a reminder for the event later.

When the 30th of May came around on the calendar, Anthony attended the Zoom conference. There were many options presented for future careers, and Anthony found two of them appealing: Teaching and becoming a fire fighter. Anthony spent the next several days mulling over which career would best suite him. With his degree in English, teaching was a natural step, but becoming a professional fire fighter seemed so rewarding. He remained undecided for several weeks, until he turned on his TV, and saw an amazing commercial produced by his local fire fighting precinct.

After seeing the commercial for his local fire precinct, he was convinced he had found his future career. Anthony spent many days building up the courage to finally send in an application, but was accepted less than three days after his submission. Anthony became a fire fighter. After spending weeks training to become the best in the field and joining his classmates at engine company number four, his days were very similar, they almost seemed to blend together. Each day would involve one or two calls, usually false alarms but occasionally, there were small fires that simply required a classic fire extinguisher to eliminate.

Being a firefighter lead to many sleepless nights

Eventually, there were so many nights in a row where Anthony got so little sleep, he started making mistakes. Little things at first; forgetting to put on his boots or using the stairs instead of the badass sliding poll. Eventually, Tony’s mistakes lead up to a huge blunder. When he was trying to put out a house fire, he lost control of the hose.

Anthony became less and less content with his career, and after only six months on the job, he decided he could not take it any longer. Anthony then decided that he would roam the earth, and spoke to others about the perils and hardships of being a firefighter. He would eventually publish his first (and only) book.



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