What Happened During Week 2?

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What Happened During Week 2?


There was a lot to do…again…for week 2. However, I found that I am quickly getting into the swing of things. Let’s start out strong with this week’s daily creates:

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

I believe that I completed all of the assignments for this week to the best of my ability. There is a lot to keep track of, but I double checked everything once I posted this and made sure all of the links at the bottom work.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

The design blitz assignment was probably the hardest to keep up with. I had to keep reminding myself of what the objectives were / what kinds of pictures I needed to take. I enjoyed the GIF making assignment the most. I remember looking through GIFs on long forgotten apps like ifunny when I was younger. It was almost nostalgic to create my own and it was honestly pretty easy! Every time I make something for this class, I learn something new with Adobe Illustrator. I’ve enjoyed using it so much that I got my own student subscription…never going back. This week I learned how to change the background of an image, if you asked me a couple days ago if I could do that, I would’ve said “no (expletive) way!”

What would you do differently? What questions to you have?

Again, I would have liked to do the daily creates earlier in the week, this is a consistent area where I see myself fail. Honestly, I can never seem to remember to do them until I start drafting my final report for the week. One big question I would want to ask is: what kind of applications or programs to professional designers use. I have a couple friends who are novices in the field, and they all use different programs. Is there one program that unifies most of the people in the professional design field?



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