What Happened During Week 1

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What Happened During Week 1


I had a lot of fun during the first week of this class. One thing that I found really helpful was the suggested/mandated organizational categories for the posts. It makes everything a little bit easier. There was plenty to do, and kept me busy during my vacation at Ocean City, MD this week. It has definitely been an adjustment getting used to spending more time on one class, but it’s been more than worth it. I made three daily creates:

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

I feel that I was able to do all of the assignments well. I had some trouble with the photo safari, I redid it a couple of times because some of the files got corrupted. I explained more in detail in my post, but overall I think it was a success! The daily creates were really intimidating at first, but they really weren’t all that hard. Of course, they are work and I wouldn’t have done them on my own, but they were not horrible! The visual assignments were also pretty fun, it was hard to pick which ones I wanted to do, but once I did it was fine. I believe that I completed all of the weeks assignments to my satisfaction.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?

The photo safari took me a couple of tries. Some of the pictures I had taken in my first two attempts did not turn out well, and I didn’t feel good about posting them. I wanted to make sure that I posted my best work. Other than that, the visual bank assignments and daily creates went really smoothly. I really enjoyed making a fake quote for the visual assignments. I got to have fun with content that I was excited about and enjoyed a lot when I was younger.

What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

The only thing I would do differently is manage my time more efficiently. Because of the events of the week, I was forced to do things over and over again. This is certainly my fault, and something I will apply to the rest of the semester.

How do you feel about visual story telling?

I think that visual storytelling should be taught from a much younger age. Abstract thinking is often something that is overlooked in K-12 education, especially in Virginia. School is churning out non-thinking robots and releasing them out into a world where they are required to think abstractly all the time. If students were taught this earlier in life, and did not have to take a college course to be able to understand this, it could make moving into adulthood a lot easier. I might be looking too much into the education angle, but I am a teacher. Sue me.


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