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My Final Report

Week 5 Report Before I get started with my story that I made, I want to say that this experience was not what I expected. I was so nervous that this class would take too much time and effort, and that I would simply fall behind throughout the entire process. That was NOT the case.…
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What Exactly Happened in Week 4?

WEEK 4 REPORT It is incredible to believe that we are already in week 4 of this amazing adventure. This week was by far the most challenging of them all, I didn’t think that would be the case when I looked ahead a couple weeks ago…Back to the point; lets take a look at this…
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What Did I Do During Week 3?

WEEK 3 REPORT This week was really hectic for me, I am in the process of finishing three other classes I have been taking simultaneously, which is why some of my work is published at the last second. Regardless, I had a lot of fun with the audio theme and assignments overall, but as always,…
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What Happened During Week 1

END OF WEEK 1 REPORT I had a lot of fun during the first week of this class. One thing that I found really helpful was the suggested/mandated organizational categories for the posts. It makes everything a little bit easier. There was plenty to do, and kept me busy during my vacation at Ocean City,…
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My First Report [Midweek 1]

Q: How did it go? I feel like the first part of the week went pretty smoothly! I usually find mandatory blogging boring and pointless, but I am actually finding that it is helping me remember to do my assignments. So far, I have completed all of the assignments for week 1. The main source…
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