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Video Assignments From Da’ Bank

Sports Highlights (4★) This is a highlight reel from the 2019 Washington Nationals season. I have been a Nationals fan since the team was created over a decade ago, and it was so rewarding to be able to see them win so early in their franchise history. I used to play baseball when I was…
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Check Out My Mixtape?

Sound Effects Story (4★) This is my sound effects story for Week 3. Comment down bellow if you can figure out what the story is without clicking on the link to reveal the sound effects that make up the story. Make sure that you don’t turn up the volume too high, and if you do,…
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Introductory Design

1. Tattoos That Describe You (2.5★) This is a really quick mockup of the tattoo I was planning to get in a couple years. It is supposed to represent beauty in simplicity. To get into a little bit of detail, my late cousin used to say “there is nothing interesting about me, I’m pretty square.”…
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Animations Of The Year + Tutorial!

CHAMPIONS 2019! [Best Sports Play] This is the first time I ever cried while watching baseball. I remember sitting in a restaurant (anyone remember what that was like?) and literally tearing up because of how happy I was in that moment. This was the final strikeout in Game 7, you can see the jubilation on…
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