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John Forest's CPSC 106 Website


Design Blitz and Reflection The design assignment for this week was an interesting one. The Blitz, which took me a vast majority of the week to complete, was kinda challenging. I had to find photos that represented four of the different aspects of design that are outlined on the week 2 page. I took all…
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Introductory Design

1. Tattoos That Describe You (2.5★) This is a really quick mockup of the tattoo I was planning to get in a couple years. It is supposed to represent beauty in simplicity. To get into a little bit of detail, my late cousin used to say “there is nothing interesting about me, I’m pretty square.”…
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Constructing My Blog

I started out my blog with a simplistic outlook. I have seen so many websites with too much on it and are impossible to navigate. With that in mind, I still wanted to make my social media accessible from my page. Using my theme, I made these links on the homepage: Under the social media…
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