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Check Out My Mixtape?

Sound Effects Story (4★) This is my sound effects story for Week 3. Comment down bellow if you can figure out what the story is without clicking on the link to reveal the sound effects that make up the story. Make sure that you don’t turn up the volume too high, and if you do,…
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Ira Glass and Audio Storytelling

What I learned! Storytelling is a lot like a conversation between two people. In the instance of most examples, it is between the narrator and the listener. There has to be some mutual communication between the two parties. There is a give and take, the person telling the story answers the unspoken questions of the…
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Moon Graffiti

Reflection First, before I get started, I found that the way the podcast used sound effects to add to the story made it so much more realistic. I found myself trying to write notes while I listened, but kept looking away from my notes and simply staring at the screen, waiting to see what happened…
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