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Photo Safari Reflection


The other day, I decided to do my photo safari on the beach. Needless to say, if you have taken a look at what I did, it did not work out. When I took a look at the photos I took that day, everything either had someone looking out of place, or had something inappropriate that shouldn’t be shared in an academic forum. After that, I decided to take another stab at it at the park. I clearly did not learn my lesson. For my final attempt, what you will see in my gallery, I walked around my house for a while and tried to achieve the objectives on the week 1 page.

Breaking down the images, I think I got most of what I needed! The first picture is a three-in-one. I got a glimpse of the time, had my hat in a weird spot, and showed it from a weird angle. The first one is probably one of my favorites because it was just spontaneous, there was no planning to it. I also got a picture of my carpet, where the pattern repeats throughout the room. I had originally thought that the carpet was really ugly, but I found beauty in it today.

The picture of the plant might seem out of place at first, but I thought that the water feeder looked like it could be a part of the plant. If you squint a little bit. The picture of my cat (his name is Archie) shows me moving the camera and him about to jump up on the couch next to me for some love. He moves really fast so I hope I captured that aspect of the project successfully. Let me know!

The shoe is a little harder to explain. It was on the assignment so I did it. I tried to give it an interesting angle, but what can I say…it’s a shoe.

The candle and the chandelier are also some of my favorites of the entire safari. The candle looks way more interesting when you change the angle and lighting in the background. I also figured out that if I focused on it (with my phone) that the flame looked a lot prettier. The light fixture was cool too. I tried to get it to get the light to look overwhelming, and make it seem larger than life. I liked the way these turned out!

The picture of my table, which is all that orange-brown color, is me trying to take a photo that overrepresent one color. I personally think that it made the image a little boring looking, maybe there was something I could do differently? Let me know how this part of the assignment turned out for you!

Overall, I had a great time with this assignment! Even though I had to do it more than once, I was okay with it because it wasn’t really work. I think that the hardest part for me was finding interesting things to photograph. Despite that, I am happy with my final product.


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