Introductory Design

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Introductory Design

1. Tattoos That Describe You (2.5★)

This is a really quick mockup of the tattoo I was planning to get in a couple years. It is supposed to represent beauty in simplicity. To get into a little bit of detail, my late cousin used to say “there is nothing interesting about me, I’m pretty square.” This tattoo would be to both honor him and his memory.

I made this in Adobe Illustrator, but my friend (who works at the tattoo place) has a full mock-up of the real thing…I just could not get in contact with him, plus I wanted to make something for myself to see how I’d do. This is pretty close.

2. Contradiction Creation (2.5★)

I often find that beauty in the world blinds people to real issues that plague it. Things like carbon emissions, fracking, etc. are killing the planet. Just because there is a mask that makes the world look okay, doesn’t mean there is not a problem. This is really important to me because as a young person, we inherited a broken planet, and it is our responsibility to fix what our ancestors destroyed.

I also made this with Adobe Illustrator. I found an open source image using, threw it into AI, and put some text over it. To make the highlight effect, I just placed some red boxes around the words. I chose red because it conveys a sense of urgency that is required to understand the full impact of the message.

3. Are We There Yet? (3★)

This is an image I took from a video I was in two weeks ago. Although I will not share the video itself to protect my own privacy, its objectively an interesting photo. I made the second photo (bottom one is changed) to make it look like an old-time like rally. I feel like this looks like it could have been taken at a hippy-like riot fighting against a war or something.

I made this in AI, I made two different copies of the image and placed them on top of one another. I then used the gray-scale tool to mess around with the different colors to make it look older.

4. Create A Magazine Cover (4★)

This assignment’s idea was kinda similar to the contradiction assignment (#2 on this page). I always try to highlight what is going on around the world, and if I did have a magazine, I would want it to be something like this. Maybe done by a professional…but I digress. The main thinking behind this is to draw attention to the reader using the flowers image, while bringing in concern with the picture of the dead trees in the lower left-hand corner.

I also made this with AI, it is definitely my preferred editing engine. I used a combination of all of the other videos for this. I found another open source picture from, and made it the background of the magazine. I then added a gradient shape to make the header, and added an interesting looking font to grab attention of readers.


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