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Design Blitz and Reflection

The design assignment for this week was an interesting one. The Blitz, which took me a vast majority of the week to complete, was kinda challenging. I had to find photos that represented four of the different aspects of design that are outlined on the week 2 page. I took all of these photos between Tuesday and Saturday, and one was even a recreation of a prank we pulled on one of my friends more than two years ago. there was a lot of work put into this assignment, I hope you all enjoy!


This photo definitely shows some good color during the sunset. I took another hike to take this photo, right around the same area as one of my daily creates. It shows some warm tones fading into darkness in the background, I absolutely adore this picture. I think it also shows a little bit of balance, between the light and the darkness of the area behind the mountains.


This is the recreation of a photo that was taken a couple years ago. We decided to dress up like on of our friends that goes to Virginia Tech who wears the same thing every day. I believe that this shows unity among us as friends. Although not many people would have taken this lightly, we did warn him and asked permission before we did this (two years ago) This photo was a lot of fun to recreate and it wouldn’t have happened without this being assigned.


This one could also be color, but I chose to categorize it as a metaphor. The flower against the dead looking ground under it really contrasts the the flower itself. It could be color because of the high contrast between the yellow and the ugly brown-grey color. But since the flower has a little bit of brown, I didn’t want to use this for the overall color category.


This one is definitely proportion using the rule of thirds. The monument in the back takes up a good third, the ground, and the forest all take up a proportional amount of space. it also highlights how big the structure is in the background. Overall, I think that this is a good representation of the thirds rule because of where the picture was taken, and the spacing between the different aspects of the picture.

Side note to the nerds out there: if you are wondering why I did not embed the Flikr pages themselves, it is because this theme causes them to overlap one another. Instead, I placed the images in separate blocks and linked to the Flikr page. If you have any experience with this template, please help me!

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  1. Jacob Barker says:

    Hey John! I really enjoyed going through this post for your Design Blitz. My favorite picture from this assignment of yours was the picture of the sky. I thought it did a great job of not only showing a variety of color but contrast as well. Great post!

  2. Hi John,
    Your design blitz is very interesting. I really like the picture of color. It makes me feel a sense of peace and calm. The colors are beautiful along with the dark bottom portion of the land and telephone pole. This is a really beautiful picture. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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