Constructing My Blog

John Forest's CPSC 106 Website

Constructing My Blog

I started out my blog with a simplistic outlook. I have seen so many websites with too much on it and are impossible to navigate. With that in mind, I still wanted to make my social media accessible from my page. Using my theme, I made these links on the homepage:

Under the social media icons (which are clickable) I placed the most recent of my blog posts. You won’t see much of a point to it now, but later once I have accumulated many posts, you can just scroll down a little more to see my most recent.

There were a couple other things I changed and modified to fit my vision for my website:

  • Added an image of Earth for the front page.
  • Limited the number of posts on the “recent” widget.
  • Limited the number of photos on the front page gallery.
  • Changed around the title of the website about 100 times.
  • added buttons to my main domain and the course website.
  • Added a menu on the right side of the “archived blog page.”

I also created an “about” page accessible from any page just by clicking “about” on the top navigation bar. There I wrote a little bit about myself, my education, and my interests. Click here to check it out!

Like I said in my first post, if you have any recommendations to make my website better, comment below!


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