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Check Out My Mixtape?

Sound Effects Story (4★)

This is my sound effects story for Week 3. Comment down bellow if you can figure out what the story is without clicking on the link to reveal the sound effects that make up the story. Make sure that you don’t turn up the volume too high, and if you do, be ready for a little bit of a fright every once and a while.

80’S Product Radio Commercial (5★)

I really liked the idea of making a fake commercial from the 1980’s, so I decided to make a commercial for smoking. There is defiantly a joking tone for this, so no one will take this out of context. I chose this because smoking is extremely dangerous and detrimental to everyone’s health.

Auditory Hell (1★)

There is not much to this…it is a collection of the three worst sounds I could find on

A Collection of Your Favorite Sounds (2★)

There are only a few sounds in the world that can just relax most people. For me, the sound of heavy rain, rain drops, soft music, and birds chirping, are all things that bring up feelings of bliss. What sounds did I leave out? Let me know what sounds make you feel at ease in the comments section!

How did I do all this [TUTORIAL]

I created all of these using Adobe Premier Pro. It is expensive, but there is a student discount that makes the entire creative cloud only $19.99/month. I started each of these projects by finding the sound to use. For background noise and sounds, I used FreeSound. For any type of speech, I used a website called Text2Speech.

After I have all the audio I need I launch Adobe Premier Pro. Then I drag and drop all of the audio in the media section.

Then, from the media section, I drag and drop media into the timeline.

Once I edit all of the audio, which mainly involves moving different files around on the timeline, it is time to export it.

File > Export > Media

Then simply click Export! The file will appear on your desktop, ready to upload to sound-cloud!

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  1. Kyra Anderson says:

    I thought your story was really different! I liked how you included the pauses in your story and also included human sounds. I didn’t think about using any because I thought it would be classified as talking but I think you did a really good job of using sounds that weren’t words!

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