Animations Of The Year + Tutorial!

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Animations Of The Year + Tutorial!

CHAMPIONS 2019! [Best Sports Play]

This is the first time I ever cried while watching baseball. I remember sitting in a restaurant (anyone remember what that was like?) and literally tearing up because of how happy I was in that moment. This was the final strikeout in Game 7, you can see the jubilation on everyone’s face after the final pitch. Washington hasn’t been great the past many years. It was amazing to see this as young as I am.

What the…[Celebrating Too Early]

I think that the original thought for this assignment was to make something sports related. I decided to incorporate one of my favorite movies: The Dark Knight. This is my favorite scene from that movie, the Joker thinks he has already blown up the building. But then he realizes he didn’t finish the job. The ultimate celebrating something (evil) too early.


I created these GIFs using . From there, all you have to do is make an account…

Click on create in the top right hand corner…

upload a file…

and finally, edit the GIF to your liking!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful!


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