Month: July 2020

John Forest's CPSC 106 Website

Moon Graffiti

Reflection First, before I get started, I found that the way the podcast used sound effects to add to the story made it so much more realistic. I found myself trying to write notes while I listened, but kept looking away from my notes and simply staring at the screen, waiting to see what happened…
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What Happened During Week 2?

WEEK 2 REPORT There was a lot to do…again…for week 2. However, I found that I am quickly getting into the swing of things. Let’s start out strong with this week’s daily creates: How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? I believe that I completed all of the assignments…
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Design Blitz and Reflection The design assignment for this week was an interesting one. The Blitz, which took me a vast majority of the week to complete, was kinda challenging. I had to find photos that represented four of the different aspects of design that are outlined on the week 2 page. I took all…
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Vignelli Canon Reaction

Vignelli Canon Reaction This week I reviewed The Vignelli Canon by, Massimo Vignelli. This was an interestingly short read, with so much information. With modern standards for creating content, it is almost impossible for real beauty to come from it. Back in the days of the renaissance, painters and artists would have years in between…
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Introductory Design

1. Tattoos That Describe You (2.5★) This is a really quick mockup of the tattoo I was planning to get in a couple years. It is supposed to represent beauty in simplicity. To get into a little bit of detail, my late cousin used to say “there is nothing interesting about me, I’m pretty square.”…
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Animations Of The Year + Tutorial!

CHAMPIONS 2019! [Best Sports Play] This is the first time I ever cried while watching baseball. I remember sitting in a restaurant (anyone remember what that was like?) and literally tearing up because of how happy I was in that moment. This was the final strikeout in Game 7, you can see the jubilation on…
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